Tattoo Aftercare

Please Note: Getting your tattoo is only the first step, how you look after it during the healing process can have a huge impact on how it ends up looking. Your body art will be with you for life, you’ve already been through  the painful part, so a fortnight of proper care should be a breeze to ensure you get the best from your tattoo.

  • Keep the new tattoo dressed for 1-2 hours, then wash the tattoo with soap and hot water.
  • Pat dry with a clean towel DO NOT RUB. Apply a thin layer of antiseptic aftercare cream but do not dress the tattoo again as it needs to breath.
  • You cannot catch bacteria, it builds up over time, so if your tattoo gets infected, it’s not the fault of the studio, you’re not looking after it properly. Be sure to wash it  and re-apply antiseptic cream regularly. Treat it as you would treat a bad graze for the first few days.

Repeat this process 2-4 times a day for the first few days. It’s fine to get your tattoo wet but don’t soak it!

After 3-4 days your tattoo will start to scab, be very careful not to pick or knock the scab as this will take the colour out with it. A normal tattoo takes 1-2 weeks to heal properly.

Once the scabbing has healed, apply a moisturiser regularly. keeping the skin supple and moisturised will reduce itching and allow scabbing and flaking to come away naturally. Do this regularly until all sensitivity and itching has subsided.

While your tattoo is healing DO NOT: Pick it, Sunbathe, Swim, Use perfumes or deodorants on it.

Please Note: Some inks will change colour or intensity slightly during the healing process. This is quite normal.

Finally, don’t listen to your mate’s advice unless they are a professional tattooist!

Aftercare cream is available from our studio: