Body piercing has become a more accepted form of personal expression, and is an ancient form of ornamenting and modification of the human body.

We only use titanium jewellery that has been manufactured in the UK for all our piercings; each piece is then individually packaged and sterilised.  We prefer to use a needle for all our piercings.

You cannot get an infection from having a body piercing or an ear piercing; but it is important to remember when getting a new piercing to take proper care of it.  During the first couple of weeks the source of most of the major piercing problems and infection, is a poorly cared for piercing.  By following our simple guidelines you can reduce the possibility of infection.

If you are under 16 years old you will need to have your parent or guardian present.  Please do not forget your ID, as we will not pierce you if we believe that you and younger than 16 years old.