Secret Ink is a UK based custom tattoo, body piercing and laser removal studio in the city of Truro, Cornwall. Our aim is to create a business that changes public opinion of tattoo studios and the traditional tattoo parlour. We want to show bespoke tattooing as a credible art-form, with a studio that is run in a friendly and highly professional way that is accessible to all. Secret Ink is dedicated to raising the standards and reputation of a custom art-form that has too-long existed in back streets and basements. We are determined to provide a safe, friendly customer focused environment, where quality and integrity are paramount. We aim to provide our customers with sound and ethical advice, be they tattoo ‘life-stylists’ or getting their first piece of body-art. We aim to inspire the customer to exceed their own expectations and assist them in creating a bespoke piece, of personal meaning, in standing with the significance of the tattoo experience.