Tattoos & Piercing

Cornwall’s finest tattoo studio

Tattoos & Piercing

Cornwall’s finest tattoo studio

Welcome to Secret Ink

Secret Ink is a UK based custom tattoo, body piercing and laser removal studio in the city of Truro, Cornwall.

Our aim is to create a business that changes public opinion of tattoo studios and the traditional tattoo parlour. We want to show bespoke tattooing as a credible art-form, with a studio that is run in a friendly and highly professional way that is accessible to all. 


we prefer to create unique tattoos for our customer to ensure that you and your design are the best fit possible. We offer a free consultation service and will work closely with you to ensure you get the tattoo you really want.


We only use titanium jewellery that has been manufactured in the UK for all our piercings; each piece is then individually packaged and sterilised. We prefer to use a needle for all our piercings.


Laser Tattoo Removal is still considered the most effective method to remove a tattoo and carrying minimal risk of scarring along with being a simple process.  Laser Tattoo Removal is also a great asset for people looking for a cover-up.

The Studio Location

Secret Ink

6 Old Bridge St,
Truro TR1