Piercing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Does piercing hurt?


Of course it does, but the real question is how much? Often thinking about or waiting to have your piercing will increase your anxiety and fear about the process. The piercing itself is brief, but pain is relative to each person. Talking through any fears or concerns that you may have with your piercer will help.


How old do I have to be to have a piercing?


If you are under 16 years old you need to have consent from your parent or guardian, they will also need to attend our Truro studio with you. Some Cornwall studio’s will not pierce younger children’s ears respect your piercer’s views and try to avoid emotional blackmail.  A professional piercer will want to know that the child understands what it means to have a piercing, along with the parent or guardian taking responsibility for the aftercare of the piercing.  There is some debate regarding the age of genital piercings, our understanding is that it is an offence if you are under the age of 18. If you are over 16 years and are lucky enough look under the age of 25 years be prepared to be asked to provide ID. Here at Secret Ink, we offer a child friendly environment, as an alternative to overpriced high street chains.


What should I do before having a piercing?


Having your piercing done on an empty stomach is never a good idea.  Eat a good meal before getting pierced to keep your blood sugar steady. If you have not eaten all day your blood sugar will be low, and low blood sugar could cause you to feel dizzy or, in some cases, to faint.  Don’t have a drink to steady your nerves. You should also be asked to complete a consent form; this form should also provide you with information regarding side effects of having a piercing.


What should happen immediately after my piercing?


You should never feel rushed after you have had a piercing.  Some people can feel shaky or their new piercing could feel slightly ‘strange and new’ so take the time that you need to feel comfortable to move.  Tell your piercer if you feel unwell or faint; don’t be embarrassed you won’t be the first! Some new piercings can take a couple of days to settle and look like they belong, especially if there has been some swelling, be patient. A good studio will provide you with written aftercare information and should have an aftercare solution available for you to purchase.


Choosing the right Studio for you


The process of choosing the right piercing studio is a vital one. People spend time seeking out their preferred tattooist, but the majority of people will get a piercing spur of the moment.  Take the time to meet your piercer, ask to look around the studio and ensure that you are given enough time to ask any questions that you may have.  Getting to know your piercer will improve the experience. The studio that you choose should also be registered with the local authority if the certificate is not on display, ask to see it and a copy of the authorities by-laws; legally these have to be at the studio.  The studio should also have a fully operational ultra-sonic cleaner and autoclave. You should feel comfortable in the environment; you shouldn’t be rushed and should