Laser Tattoo Removal Information



Today’s technology means that completely removing your tattoo is possible, without scaring.

Laser Tattoo Removal techniques having changed significantly over the last decade.   Laser Tattoo Removal is still considered the most effective way to remove a tattoo, carrying minimal risk of scarring and being a simple process, which is now available to the majority of people. 

Our Truro based Tattoo, Piercing and Laser Tattoo Removal Studio is unique in being one of the only studios in Cornwall to have Laser Tattoo Removal available permanently on site, using a UK manufactured Laser. This means that you can always get the best possible service from laser tattoo removal, with our laser technician and tattoo artist always on hand for comprehensive consultations.

After your initial free consultation and patch test our aim is to provide our customers with sound and ethical advice regarding the removal/cover up of their existing tattoo. 

Our tattoo removal laser is a UK manufactured, Q-Switched ND: YAG Laser; and is CE registered which complies with EC directives. While our laser tattoo removal technician's training exceeds government guidelines to ensure the best possible service to the customer. 


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